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About Nothing

About Nothing

We Did Nothing is a project that exhibits submissions from the public to portray instances in which people did nothing.  To participate, individuals document an occurrence in which they perceive that someone or a group of people did nothing, being in the form of images, text, sound, or anything else. Once participants acquire their documentation, they submit it to exist on this website.  On the site, participants can view their submission amongst other examples to compare and contrast instances of in which people did nothing, and the outcomes of each case. Participants submit their documentation by following instructions under ‘Documentation of Doing Nothing’, as seen below. If a participant did nothing themselves, that person ranks the difficulty of their experience on a scale of 1-10. View all submissions on the page titled 'People Doing Nothing'.

This project began December of 2017 as an artwork by Alex Mikev. Mikev is an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores ideas related to labor, action, and human accomplishment. It grew from questions about the purpose and effectiveness of our efforts as we work towards our respective goals. Mikev used the futility of action as a point of departure in thinking about doing nothing, but the submissions by the public take the idea of people doing nothing into different directions. These include doing nothing as a bystander, as an act of leisure, as an effort in mundane tasks, and more.  As defined by public submissions, we see what an act of nothing encompasses and can compare them to our own ideas about what it means to do nothing.

Documentation of Doing Nothing

If you would like to submit documentation of people doing nothing, please send the following information to

  1. Documentation : This can be a photograph, video, sound file, drawing, writing, or anything else that you deem appropriate to record people doing nothing. A lack of documentation may also be appropriate.
  2. Name of participant
  3. Title for doing nothing
  4. Date on which someone did nothing
  5. Duration of someone doing nothing. This can be in seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, etc.
  6. Difficulty of doing nothing on a scale of 1-10

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